Starting From Scratch was originally a free online course (you can still get it using the form to the right) for people just starting out with cooking. That includes people feeding themselves for the first time — hi college students and newly-married folks — as well as people who just decided that “cooking” shouldn’t mean tossing a box in the microwave. People who are starting from scratch  … cooking from scratch. See? The title has two meanings.

Well, after the last lesson, I asked what people were interested in that I hadn’t covered. There were so many requests that I figured I could put all the answers together in one place and offer it as a really thorough guide for the interested beginner. It turns out, there was plenty in there even for the experienced cook. (Assuming they haven’t already been to culinary school.)

And who am I?

Besides editing this book, and writing the previous How To Cook Like Your Grandmother, I write the blog, How To Cook Like Your Grandmother. No, I’m not real clever when it comes to titles.

The other authors mostly have their own cooking blogs. You can read all about them right here.