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The author of How To Cook Like Your Grandmother, Drew can be read most days at the blog of the same name.

His cardinal rule for cooking is to always know what you’re making, which you can only do when cooking from scratch. His other cardinal rule (yes, he has two cardinal rules) is to never keep secret recipes. He has been known to share recipes with people who didn’t even ask, and frankly lost interest long before he stopped talking.

Thanks to a complete lack of formal training, Drew decided to reach out to people who have had the education, or done the research, and know much more than he ever will about specific areas. Those experts provided all the best material, which Drew compiled for this book.


  1. Posted February 12, 2012 at 1:10 am | Permalink

    I just wanted to tell you that YOU ROCK HARD!!! Your “How To Cook Like Your Grandmother” is the BEST website EVER!!!!! I wanted to make heart shaped brownies for my sweetheart, but the recipe I WAS going to use was a typical recipe, like I might as well as bought a box of Betty Crocker, which my sweetheart would be fine with, and is use to boxed baking. I was going to make brownies from scratch. I found your website which I’ve ran into before and found your brownie recipe made with Ghirardelli products. YOU ARE SO RIGHT! Its the chocolate that makes a huge difference. I used a heart cookie cutter and placed 3 red M&M’s on each. I had never made brownies before, I wanted to make the BEST brownies and after one cut and one bite I was IN HEAVEN!!!! I had made the BEST brownies EVER!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT until my sweetheart tries them! She is going to just died and be in heaven with me after trying my (your) brownies! Thank you and “GRANDMOTHER” sssssso much for such a easy and out of this world recipe!
    P.S. My grandmother doesn’t cook like this, I don’t really know anyone’s grandmother does…thank God I found this one!

    • Posted February 12, 2012 at 2:50 pm | Permalink

      Can I just tell you how much I’m smiling right now? Your timing is amazing, too. My wife has always been the baker in our family, and I did the cooking. But since she joined me eating low carb she’s been cooking a lot more. She was just telling me last night that for the first time she feels comfortable cooking without a recipe, just combining things that the thinks will work, and they do.

      So congratulations on the brownies. I hope they’re just one more step to being comfortable in the kitchen.

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