Kristin Holbrook

Kristin is a former city dweller who married a country boy. After returning to the country boy’s family homestead in upstate New York, Kristin found herself the steward of a ridiculously large garden that produces insane amounts of produce. She learned to can in self-defense.

Although her first lessons in canning came from her very patient and knowledgeable mother-in-law, Kristin learned most of her canning tricks through trial and error. Mostly error.

In addition to sweating her life away caring for the vegetable garden and canning its produce, Kristin also takes care of the 18-room family home, the six acres it sits on, and all its inhabitants. That includes people, dogs, cats, sheep, chickens, love birds, and fish.

In her spare time, she mostly reads and sleeps. She also has a blog, where she offers a daily record of the sometimes mundane, sometimes exciting, but always amusing life of a city girl gone country. You can find her at Going Country.

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