Michael A. Roberts

Michael’s interest in food began in infancy when, inspired by a bottle of milk, he reportedly uttered his first words: “Good body. Some grassy notes. Probably Vermont.”

While growing up in New York City, his interest in the sciences was piqued after his mother accidentally threw out his collection of etchings. After earning a Ph.D. in chemistry, he decided to quit fooling around and finally get an education.

To date, his work has required him to learn disciplines such as neurochemistry, pharmacology, computer programming (a field in which he does a lot of his consulting), analytical chemistry, and, after someone told him he could eat his own experiments, food science.

He has also been convinced to occasionally lecture to the public on a variety of scientific topics. But when pressed, he will readily confess that he still doesn’t quite know what he wants to do when he grows up.

Michael is currently having a happy adulthood in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his family and many friends, and two cats and two dogs, mostly because he doesn’t owe money to any of them.

Depending on what day it is, he can be found consulting for businesses in the public and private sector, teaching chemistry in The College of Engineering at The University of Cincinnati, and fending off lawsuits from former colleagues.

Having given up his former life’s ambition — to play second base for the New York Mets — he will now settle for: the perfect lasagna recipe, and a citation by The Department of Homeland Security as “a person of interest”.