The Reluctant Gourmet

The Reluctant Gourmet, a former Wall Street bond broker, was frustrated by cookbooks and magazines that presumed him to be a gourmet-cooking expert just because he wanted to eat like one. He created the Reluctant Gourmet website as a “cooking guide for the novice from a novice”.

Ten years ago, he decided, “I’ve got to eat, so why not learn to cook and eat well?” Since then, RG has shared his daily path as a new home cook “learning the ropes” with millions of cooking novices from across the world.

RG helps other home cooks become more skilled and confident in their own kitchens. His website provides how-to articles, photos, and interviews with top chefs giving his visitors the tools they need to tackle even the most ambitious of gourmet dishes, regardless of their cooking experience. now publishes a cooking and recipe blog to keep RG’s fans current on his latest cooking adventures. The site’s Novice to Pro presents interviews with top chefs, and Culinary School Resource Center connects aspiring professional cooks to top schools in the culinary world.