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First of all, thanks so much for your interest in this book. It wouldn’t exist if you hadn’t told me what you wanted to know.

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I was especially determined to write it after discovering how many people are intimidated by cooking and baking. No one should be intimidated by food. So I want to simplify things that cooking shows usually skim over, if they talk about them at all.

It’s hard, when you already know something, to teach it to a beginner. You feel like you’re treating the person like they’re stupid. But that’s what you need in the beginning, is all the details, and all the steps to feel comfortable with it.

Yeast in particular is a mystery to so many people that it ended up getting two whole chapters. I wanted to make sure to include everything you need to get the satisfaction that comes from fresh-baked bread.

But it’s not just bread. Some of you feel like you were absent the day cooking knowledge was handed out. You watch cooking shows and you know there’s more to it than what you’re seeing, but you don’t know how much you don’t know.

The worst part is when you’re so unsure of yourself that you feel like you must be doing something wrong. That you somehow need “permission” from someone to change a recipe.

It all comes down to fear of the unknown. Fear of that big empty space called “before the recipe starts”.

I can’t map all that whole territory with one book. But with the help of several highly experienced guides, we put down enough signposts that you won’t feel lost any more.

Good cooking starts long before you turn on the stove, or start measuring out ingredients. That’s where this book starts: From the beginning. From Scratch.

All you have to do is tell me where to send your sample chapter.

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